Tower Bridge Takeover
The Day The Circus Came To Town
​The Day The Circus Came To Town is a site-responsive,curated experience that invites the audience to explore the spaces and places of Tower Bridge, consider the context in which it sits both historically and physically. The audience is met by the Master Storyteller, who tells of the day the circus came to town. He invites them to consider the movement of the river, the dangerous currents that sit below, brought to life by the the movement, strength and agility of the circus performers, who move, tumble, balance across the glass floors that span the Thames,on the internal girders that span the tower roof spaces and who appear in the recesses of the accelerator tower in the Engine Room. Along the way the audience pause to hear accounts of that day from characters from the local community, recounted by professional and community actors. As the journey nears completion, the audience pause to consider the animated sentiments from a private collection of Tower Bridge postcards that recount visits to London and to the Bridge. On exiting, the audience is invited to write their own postcards, post them on the wall or keep them.

The audience will have an experience that is both exciting and uplifting, interrogating elements of TB’s history by adding visual, physical and poetic layers of meaning to the regular exhibition. Audiences will get:
● A glimpse into the lives of ordinary people of the Victorian era.
● A layered approach to animated history, architecture and engineering by using a combination of artforms.
● An encounter with Tower Bridge beyond a tourist icon, seeing its spaces and places in another light.
● An introduction to contemporary circus that demonstrates ingenuity, balance, motion, strength, descriptors that are synonymous with Tower Bridge engineering.
● A deeper consideration, a poetic/artistic consideration of the engineering feat that is Tower Bridge.
The project is aimed at families, targeting those from the surrounding boroughs of Southwark,Tower Hamlets and City of London, inspiring people from all communities to love and discover the arts.

Thank you to our funders Tower Bridge, City of London and Arts Council England.

Production Team Credits