Our Mission

Agenci’s mission is to empower artists to make a living from their work. We aim to do this by providing support in producing their projects, finding connections to commissioners and platforms to showcase their work.
We believe that the arts are warp & weft of society and the role artists plays is vital. Whether it be culture led regeneration, arts based education or cultural activities that aid physical or mental well being. Artists  act as secret agents of change, infiltrating the national health service, the criminal justice system, education, science, technology and   business prisons, detention centr Added to this, they are the chief purveyors of beauty and entertainment and without them the world would be an exceptionally dull place. To that end artists’ skills and talents should be well remunerated and their job seen as ‘proper’.

Bridget Edwards
She has worked with London and SE businesses to broker and deliver arts projects that speak to particular business needs from straight sponsorship to creative skills training. All drawing from many years experience as  Partnerships Manager with Arts & Business.

Bridget has supported individuals and organisations in their projects with businesses, teaching on corporate sponsorship and brokering partnerships. She has extensive experience in identifying opportunities across the disciplines, from exhibitions with Tower Bridge to art & craft fairs with Borough Market.

She has worked with creatives to plan, articulate and find resources for their projects. Her vision for supporting creatives to earn a living from their work saw her produce the highly successful  ‘Art of Making Money’ conferences.

Bridget  has a indefatigable passion for the arts and is convinced of their therapeutic and regenerative powers. Both in the lives of an individual and in that of a community. She is committed to helping artist make a living from their work.